Current Initiatives Put in Motion by LCIC

With direction and recommendations from the LCCDTS, LCIC undertakes programs and projects designed to grow and diversify the local economy (Lower Columbia / Kootenay Region) by attracting new business, retention and expansion of existing businesses. We also actively support and lead our community on priority initiatives, projects and programs that have been identified as regional economic drivers.

We strive to stimulate and facilitate sustainable economic development within these communities to create a strong, vibrant, and diverse regional economy that supports community development, growth, and economic prosperity.

Current Investment Initiatives:

Imagine Kootenay

Imagine Kootenay showcases the business and development opportunities that exist in our region, aiming to attract and retain investment by posting all opportunities at The site will also help you discover employment prospects and learn about the incredible opportunities the Lower Columbia Region has to offer for building a life you and your family will love. Find out what working, investing, and living in the Kootenay Region is all about!

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP):

The PNP program accelerates the permanent residence application process for those who can establish themselves and develop a business that provides economic benefits to the province. Visit for more information.

‘Thriving Communities’ Metrics:

The “Thriving Communities” Metrics was a 2014-2015 marketing initiative designed to collect, publish and educate local residents on economic indicators, drivers, and activities of interest to the community at large.  By showcasing, highlighting and educating residents about the truly positive facts about the local economy of the Lower Columbia region, we engaged residents and raised community awareness.

The LCIC is pleased to announce that the Thriving Communities metrics took home the 2015 Economic Development Marketing Initiatives Award (for population less than 20,000) at the BC Economic Development Association (BCEDA) awards banquet. We would like to acknowledge our Graphic Designer and Illustrator, Nichola Lytle of Pink Dog Designs, for the eye catching and creative metric design that visually captures key economic drivers in our region by highlighting the Columbia River, Teck Metals and RED Mountain. We would also like to extend a special thank you to Debbie Nelson, Market Research & Business Development Analyst at Kootenay Savings Credit Union, for all of her hard work on the Thriving Communities metrics and sharing her expertise developing our Sales & Marketing plan.