The Lower Columbia Region Business Advantage

Come and do business in the Lower Columbia Region! We can help you make it easier for you to invest, relocate, or expand your business. Our economy is driven by an entrepreneurial mining sector and supported by a robust health care system. We are also geographically blessed with strategic access to both inter-provincial and American markets. A skilled workforce poises this region for sustained, consistent economic growth in the years to come.



Investment Opportunities in BC’s Lower Columbia

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The Lower Columbia Region has a variety of flat, affordable and serviced Commercial and Industrial Lands for sale, just waiting for the right investor to come along! For all the investment opportunities available in the region, visit Imagine Kootenay, where you can learn more about businesses for sale, investment and working opportunities in the Kootenay region.

BC’s Lower Columbia Region is Opportunity Rich


Strong Economic Drivers
The heart of the local economy is the mining industry. Mining giant Teck based in Trail is the region’s largest employer with over 1,500 staff. The region also has a superb health care system anchored by the Kootenay Boundary Regional Hospital which serves over 80,000 people and employs 800 people. The hallmark of the tourism industry is the resort town of Rossland and the ski hill Red Mountain Resort which receives visitors from around the globe.


Affordable Property
Commercial and residential property values are very competitive compared to the rest of the province.


Competitive Tax Rates
Municipal tax rates in the region are low compared to the provincial average. The Canadian Federation of Independent Business applauded the City of Trail for its low small business property tax. Both Trail and Rossland offer downtown development tax exemption bylaws and land tax incentives to stimulate entrepreneurial activity.


Superb Market Access
The Lower Columbia region is advantageously close to US border and is connected to a provincial network of highways, railways and airports. Trail has a regional airport with daily flights to Vancouver and is only 9 km north of the Canada-USA border.


Trained Workforce
Selkirk College in Trail prepares students to enter the workforce fully prepared. The college provides access to university transfer courses, technology, career and vocational programs. Some of the programs offered are Aviation, Integrated Environmental Planning, Industry and Trades training.