Government in BC’s Lower Columbia

All levels of government offer services that support businesses operating in BC’s Lower Columbia, either directly or by ensuring a strong social safety net for employees and other stakeholders.

Municipal Services

All of the municipalities within the region have taxing authority. They are responsible for creating and maintaining water and sewer systems, municipal roads, parks, recreational and other public facilities. There is some overlap between the services provided the municipalities and the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary.

Municipality Websites:

City of Trail

City of Rossland

Village of Warfield

Village of Fruitvale

Village of Montrose

Regional Services

The Regional District of Kootenay Boundary (RDKB) responsibilities extend beyond the boundaries of BC’s Lower Columbia. It is governed by a Board of Directors. Five are elected representatives from the five rural areas within the District. Eight are appointed representatives from the eight municipalities.

The RDKB has taxing authority and provides services like fire protection, waste management, recreation and public transit. At these links you’ll discover more about the specific service the RDKB provides to Lower Columbia’s 5 municipalities.

Provincial Services

City of Trail, street view.

The Government of British Columbia is responsible for health care, ambulance services, social services and road maintenance.

The BC Access Centre in Trail houses the local Government Agent office. Through this office and its staff, businesses can access provincial services and programs and find information and advice about government services. The Access Centre sells many provincially required permits, certificates and licenses and accepts payments for most provincial billings.

The Ministry of Human Resources also maintains an office in Trail. Through it, they offer family and child support services as well as income support and housing programs.

Rossland is the seat of a branch of the Provincial, County and Supreme Courts. The courthouse is a Canadian national historic site, and worth a visit separate from any legal proceedings.

Federal Services

The Government of Canada provides policing, postal, customs, and employment services, as follows.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) police the region through their Trail & Greater District Detachment. They have formed a unique partnership with the City of Trail to realize the goal of making Trail the safest community in Canada.

Canada Post is well represented with outlets in Trail, Montrose, Rossland, Fruitvale and Genelle. The outlets provide postal services as well as carrying income tax forms, passport applications and migratory bird hunting permits. Most locations also provide rental boxes and fax services.

Finally, the Canada Border Services Agency is responsible for the Ports of Entry that serve BC’s Lower Columbia region:

Nelway, BC / Metaline Falls, WA

Paterson, BC / Frontier, WA

Waneta, BC / Boundary, WA