Industries in BC’s Lower Columbia

The Wanita Dam Project


Columbia Gardens Vineyard & Winery

The breath and depth of industries in BC’s Lower Columbia is testimony to the region’s many advantages. International corporations, ambitious entrepreneurs and highly specialized niche players have all found great benefits to the location.

This part of the website gives an overview of the industries who have found opportunity here. It will also help you as an investor begin to identify your own opportunities for success. You’ll find a warm welcome in this region; we are known for our enthusiastic entrepreneurial spirit.

For ease of navigation, we’ve organized what follows by industry. But keep in mind not all business opportunities fit these classifications. For example, the forestry management company, ATCO Wood Products produces and distributes softwood veneers from the peaceful Village of Fruitvale. Two emerging wineries, Aslan Viticulture & Winery and Columbia Gardens Vineyard & Winery, chose to locate here for the summer sunshine, a natural resource BC’s Lower Columbia has in abundance.

There are also opportunities to straddle industrial categorizations. For example, Linde Canada’s air separation plant in Trail supplies oxygen and nitrogen to Teck Metals Ltd. metallurgical complex. The Linde plant also supplies medical grade oxygen to hospitals throughout southern BC.

2015-16 Lower Columbia Regional Profile

2016 Industry Sector Profiles