Employers - Hiring a CO-OP Student

Co-op StudentCo-operative Education (CO-OP) combines classroom learning with practical and relevant work experience. Students gain invaluable experience in CO-OP work term positions working in research or industrial facilities, often designing and building real products. Businesses gain access to bright, motivated students for short and long-term employment.

The universities make it easy for local and international employers to benefit from hiring bright, ambitious Engineering CO-OP students. From assistance with job descriptions to arranging interviews and work visas, they make the recruitment and hiring process simple for you.

Why Choose CO-OP?

Equipped with knowledge, enthusiasm and a ready-to-work attitude, Engineering CO-OP students make noticeable contributions in companies around the world. The benefits of hiring students include meeting your future recruitment needs and achieving your business objectives – present and future.

How CO-OP Programs can Benefit YOU!Employers

  • Supplement existing staff during peak periods and temporary leaves
  • Assess new talent for future recruitment
  • New perspectives and fresh ideas from high-achieving and skilled students
  • Explore innovative opportunities utilizing inexpensive resources
  • Develop leadership potential for existing staff
  • Professional UBC and SFU CO-OP staff who arrange interviews for you
  • Contact with leading-edge faculty researchers at UBC and SFU campuses
  • Potential funding available to support intern’s research through Mitacs

Recruiting Made Easy!


You can post your opening to UBC or SFU CO-OP students by either emailing your posting directly to the CO-OP program coordinators, or utilizing their self-service web-based portals.

Post position at UBC here.

Post position at SFU here.

Once you have received and reviewed your package of applicants, select the CO-OP students of interest. Then, based on your availability, the universities coordinate the interviews for you.

Select and hire your CO-OP student!

University of British Columbia’s Engineering CO-OP Program

Since its beginning in 1980, the University of British Columbia Engineering CO-OP Program has secured over 20,000  work term opportunities for students with employers locally, nationally and around the world.

CO-OP opportunities are an option for all of UBC’s engineering disciplines. Undergraduate students apply at the beginning of their second year (or year three, if a part of the UNBC/UBC Environmental Engineering program). Masters students apply at the beginning of their program.

Learn more about the UBC Engineering CO-OP Program here.

Simon Fraser University’s Engineering CO-OP Program  

SFU has worked with over 6,000 employers since 1975. They boast approximately 8,000 students ready to work locally, nationally and internationally. Since 2002, an SFU student has won the nationwide title CO-OP Student of the Year  four times.

Recruiting with SFU CO-OP is a partnership between the employer, SFU and the student. The CO-OP component of a student’s degree is integral to their formal education; each CO-OP work term is reflected on the student’s transcript. The nature of the work is aligned with the student’s academic discipline. Students return to SFU to study after a 4, 8, or 12 month CO-OP experience. Click here to find out more about how to qualify as a CO-OP employers.

Learn more about the SFU Engineering CO-OP Program here.

Testimonial by Kurtis Spence, CO-OP student at Austin Engineering Ltd. in Trail, BC:

“Working at Austin Engineering Ltd., has been an excellent opportunity for me, as it has really helped bridge the gap between school and industry that I just didn’t get from other coop jobs. I am given the opportunity to learn new skills and work on different projects without being limited to a single role or basics tasks. I have been given more trust to figure out problems rather than being told “let’s see what we have that you can do.”

Working here, I have been exposed to all kinds of local industry leaders, as well as residential projects. Being exposed to this work not only allows me to see what support is needed, but also what engineers can do solve their issues. With this information I can better tailor my education and know that I can use my degree in a relevant field when I graduate.

Everyone here has been so welcoming and patient while I learn new skills. They have really made me feel like part of the team, which is an experience not all coop students get. It has been a fantastic opportunity for me and I have really appreciated my time here.”

Kurtis Spence

BCIC Tech Works

BCIC partners with academia, government and industry organizations to deliver programs, initiatives and events that support technology entrepreneurs and accelerate company growth – resulting in jobs, increased revenue and economic development in BC.

BCIC is a Crown Agency of the Province of British Columbia and the largest funder of entrepreneurial support programs in the province. BC Acceleration Network partners, located throughout the province, deliver programs and resources that address the needs of technology entrepreneurs in their communities.

BCIC Tech Works unites students with valuable training opportunities in BC’s technology sector through the BC Innovator Skills Initiative and BC Tech Co-op Grants Program.

By facilitating knowledge transfer and innovation in the tech sector, BCIC Tech Works seeks to advance all other industries, from healthcare to traditional resource industries including mining, forestry and energy. BCIC Tech Works is fueling the growth of BC’s vibrant technology sector and furthering the momentum of the BC Jobs Plan.

 BC Tech Co-op Grants ProgramAPPLY HERE 

If you would like to learn more on this program and see frequently asked question, click HERE to see the full information webpage.