Housing Market in BC’s Lower Columbia

Residential area in Trail, BC

BC’s Lower Columbia is a very affordable region to buy property. As economic sectors strengthen, locally and globally, job creation and residential activity will grow.

From BC’s Lower Mainland condo towers, to the resource towns in the Interior, the siren calls from Asia in general – and the People’s Republic of China (PRC) in particular – become ever more powerful. In the ‘rest’ of BC, PRC migrants are far fewer, but their investment capital is not. The focus on safe, politically stable, secure-supply resource-based industries: wood products, coal, minerals – needed to fuel China’s burgeoning growth and via the supply/demand feedback loop, will bolster global commodity prices and further ripple into the BC Interior economies. This new-sourced money is helping to revive hard-hit resource-based economies, and create needed jobs in region.

As economic recovery continues, the housing market outlook suggests another upward swing in home prices. A contributing factor is the large number of employees expected to retire from the regions largest employer over the next few years. Currently, approximately 100 employees per year are being hired, many who will require housing. Local retirees seldom leave the area because of the tremendous lifestyle and services, and many come to the region for the health care services as well as the lifestyle.

Condos up in Red Mountain Resort

In addition, many aging “Boomer” homeowners in BC’s Lower Mainland regard their housing as their principal ticket to retirement. The leading edge of this large cohort of people is now hitting 65. Many are looking to cash out their principal residences, downsize and/or get out of town into smaller, affordable towns and cities. The Lower Columbia region is without question a very desirable choice.

BC’s Lower Columbia region is the best place in the world to live and play. We have water, recreational opportunities and our economy is still going strong. Residential and Commercial Development is an expanding opportunity. Why choose to live anywhere else?

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